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Welcome to the Grief and Renewal Store. You will find products which we hope will inspire you on your journey of grief and renewal and in your efforts to support others recovering from significant loss. Many of our products were created by others who are also on this journey. The proceeds of all sales will go toward maintaining Griefandrenewal.com and to helping widows in developing countries. Thank you for supporting this work.

Laura Slap-Shelton, Psy.D.

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Bangles are a sign of prosperity in the Indian tradition. Indian women are required to remove their bangles when their husbands die, as a part of their removal from normal social life. Sold by the widows of the Guild of Service, these pretty bangles can be worn on the ankle or the wrist.
click for enlarged view Eye Glass Holders
Never misplace your glasses again. Hand made by the widows of the Guild of Service, these beaded eye glass chains are both practical and beautiful.
click for enlarged view Handmade Leather Bag
Stylish and practical, these handmade leather bags hold more than meets the eye. Made by the widows of India.
click for enlarged view Hand Embroidered Mirror Purses
These lovely handmade and embroidered mirror purses measuring approximately 7" by 5" (19cm x 13cm) come in a variety of colors and patterns. They bear a sticker reading, "Made by Mothers of Aamar Bari" indicating that they were made by the widows of the Guild of Service.
click for enlarged view Kaleidoscopes
These wonderful colorful pocket sized kaleidoscopes are made in Kennebunk, Maine by award winning artists. Their beautiful ever changing colors are great for relaxing and recharging at a moments notice!
click for enlarged view Freedom Tape: Welcome to the Wisdom Inside You
Created by Deborah Lord a teacher of The 4 Agreements, this tape will help you restore and center your energy. The Freedom Tape offers two meditation tools that you may use again and again to move through stuck patterns, emotions, wounds and agreements. They take you to the wisdom and peace deep inside yourself to shift your dream in the moment.
click for enlarged view Living Death: Trauma of Widowhood in India
Edited by Dr. Mohini Giri
Gyan Publishing House
New Delhi, India pp.259, Index
Living Death: Trauma of Widowhood in India is a unique and profound collection documenting the many aspects of severe and horrific discrimination against widows in India. If not facing literal death through the custom of Sati, widows in India are subjected to a living death in which they are deprived of basic human dignities on all fronts. The contributors to this volume are social scientists who have devoted their lives to the cause of women and children. The articles are both scholarly and passionate. Not only does this work bring much needed focus to an understanding of the tragic status of the widow in India; it brings to our attention the dire need for continuing work on behalf of women and children's rights by all of us. This book is important reading for all who are concerned with human rights and the rights of women around the world.
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